The Hercules Cluster

(Sky and Telescope Editor's Choice Online Photo Gallery 5/31/11)

(Astronomy Magazine Online Picture of the Day 10/25/12)

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                                 Copyright 2011 Bernard Miller and Arie Nagel

                                 This picture is a collaboration between Bernard Miller from Phoenix, AZ

                                 and Arie Nagel, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Arie took the luminance date on his

                                 300mm Newtonian and combined it with the RGB from Bernard's TEC-140. Both

                                 used the SBIG ST8300M camera. The image processing was done by Arie and Bernard.


  May, 2011                          

                         Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico and Eindhoven, Netherlands     

 Telescope: TEC-140                

                              Telescope: 300mm Newtonian (F3.9) for Luminance                

Camera: SBIG ST-8300M            

Mount: AP900 GTO                 

                                    Luminance: 10x3 minutes, 1x8 minutes, 18 x 5 minutes  (binned 1x1)   

  Red: 6x5 minutes (binned 1x1)      

     Green: 6x5 minutes (binned 1x1)      

  Blue: 6x5 minutes (binned 1x1)